What do you have when you mix MMA and Fashion? You have iMMAfighter Gear!

Welcome to!  iMMAF Gear is a fresh and exciting online store that has grown from having so much support in the Martial Arts Community. An inspired Mixed Martial Arts, Urban Street Wear themed brand created to celebrate a fashionable lifestyle.


We aim to keep on trending and stay ahead of other streetwear brands. Street style fashion has become just as major as the runway shows themselves. IMMAF features limited edition designs (Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter) each stemming from a unique story. Check out our street style looks for your fashion inspiration!

We pride ourselves on delivering a very high standard of customer service and exclusive designs at affordable prices, trying to give you a fashion experience straight to your door!

Our vision is a brand that is suitable for fighters and fans of all ages. No matter what the age, in order to do something in this world, it starts with yourself, and these words: "I am a fighter"

iMMAF goal is simple: Inspire all to follow their passion, do what you love and wear what you want to wear!